• “When we started Titans Real Estate Developers LLC, we set out to become a leader in the real estate development sector through our commitment to quality construction and impeccable customer relationship management.”
  • Founded in 2015, Titans Real Estate Developers LLC, a relatively new entrant the Dubai Real Estate market has quickly established a reputation for itself as one of the most exciting and trusted property developers companies in the Dubai – U.A.E.
  • From our very first day of operation, we have staffed Titans Real Estate Developers LLC with industry professionals with over twenty years’ experience each working in the Dubai real estate and construction sectors to create the best possible living experience for people by dedication our all source of knowledge , time , fund to meet our clients’ aspirations


At Titans Developers we focus on the design, planning and development of only a few projects at a time, because we know our most precious resource is the trust our clients have in us.  Our attention is fully-devoted to the development of buildings, pay attention to every detail. That attention to detail translates into quality of work in the development, and the perfect fitting of every apartment.

We know that in life, the purchase of a property is largest investment a person will make, we respect that our clients have chosen to make that investment with us.  It’s important to us that you feel at home from that very first moment, and for that to happen everything needs to built to last, and fit for use.


To be the leading provider of affordable and high-quality real estate developments in the property market.


Resident Lifestyle

Titans Developers is committed to providing residents innovative lifestyle solutions.

Strong Community Relationships

Our belief stable social interactions are crucial in creating a harmonious society.

Dedication and Consistency

We ensure that clients receive assistance at every stage of development.